To Eat Like The Locals

     The smell intrigued me. The looks of it captivated me. The colors of it enticed me. I WAS SEDUCED! I’ve seen it on many occasions in random spots on street corners, next to bus stations and subway entrances. What could it be? Where did it come from? Who makes these? 

     On one cold morning, I decided to find out more about these magical flaky fried big round morsels of happiness. They are called “鸡蛋灌饼” or “ji1 dan4 guan4 bing3” which literally translates to “chicken egg filled cake/pie”.

     So I went up to the old metal stand where a cute and friendly husband and wife were standing and  I said “ni hao, wo mai liang ge ji ge” which means I’ll buy two of these lol… It was only five RMB… Which is basically 0.79 in USD. Cheap huh!

     So, these wonderful majestic morsels of complete happiness originally came from Henan apparently. It was basically a flat flaky fried bread topped with a spicy chili sauce, lettuce and a condiment made from pickled cold spicy corn and topped with cilantro. The bread was similar to a pita bread but lightly browned from grilling/frying. Inside the flat bread was a good layer of egg in its glorious entirety. 

     It was delicious. To top off my adventurously yummylicious breakfast, I drank a bowl of warm homemade soy milk which is a staple breakfast beverage for people up here in the north. 

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